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'WAWAW' Mug - Chris Hood & Emily Redfearn


Hand printed

Ethically made

Eco friendly

Support our cause

– Ceramic Mugs (Height: 90mm, Outside Diameter: 80mm)

– Colour: Blue on White

- Designed by Chris Hood & Emily Redfearn

WAWAW (We’re All Wednesday Aren’t We) - inspired by Wednesday fan’s favourite chorus reverberating around Hillsborough Stadium!

Supported By Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

– Designed in collaboration between local illustrators Chris Hood and Emily Redfearn

 We hand print artwork, garments & mugs. 

We sell what we've done. 

We reinvest 100% of our margins.

Through Printed By us, our printing team have learned new skills and are moving forward towards employment. All income is reinvested back into Printed By us – an Archer Project initiative. 

Printing Positive Change

This product was hand printed by a vulnerable adult in recovery from homelessness and other complex circumstances. They received the “Real Living Wage” for their efforts and every penny from this shirt goes back into growing Printed By us.