Ian Anderson

The Designers Republic⁠™ Founded by Ian Anderson in 1986, The Designers Republic⁠™ in his own word "is an internationally renowned pop-cultural hyper-creative design studio focussing on graphic design and brand communication across all media, fuelled by strategic thinking, problem solving (thinking and doing) and strong narrative. His print: Sleepover

Geo Law

Geo Law is a freelance illustrator who hails from the steel city of Sheffield and is currently based at Millers Junction in Dalston London. Geo works with a blend of references such as comic books, computer game characters and pop culture using mixed media all rooted in doodling. Check his print: Happy Shapes

Helen Drake

Helen Drake Is a illustrator, graphic designer and screen printer based in Glasgow. Her work is mostly nature and creature inspired! Check her print: Veg Life

Nick Deakin

Nick Deakin is graphic artist and educator. He has been working commercially as a designer for over a decade under his studio moniker Totally Okay, based in Sheffield, UK. Check his print: The Hammer

Rich Wells

Rich Is a Creative Director with twelve years experience building brands, digital platforms, products and services. He draws, design, run workshops, write code, illustrate, prototype, test, learn and sometimes even paints. Check his prints: 'Peak District Appreciation Society', 'Glass Half Full' & 'Strong & Northern'

Maggie Magoo

Carole Fenwick, working under the name MaggieMagoo Designs, creates printed textiles, art prints, pin badges & lots more from her studio in Leeds. Maggie is the name of her dog! Check her prints: 'Be Brave' & 'Be True'

The Level Collective

The Level Collective was founded in 2014 by British designer Mark Musgrave who subsequently founded Printed by Us. In his own words "“It was just a side project that has got out of hand. It’s been a personal journey – a fusion of my values, creativity and thirst for travel and being outdoors. Check his prints: 'Venture Often' , 'Adventure is Calling' , 'Burn Bright'

Emily Redfearn

Emily is an illustrator, animator & designer based in lovely Sheffield, UK. Some of the work she has been commissioned for ranges across social/digital advertising & social media content, GIF & animations, hand drawn murals, creating working fonts, branding assets and infographic designs. Check her prints: 'WAWAW' & 'Forged in Steel'

James Green

James has been producing printed artwork for perhaps the last 15 years. In 2010 he decided to go full-time as an artist. He specialise in linocuts and screen prints. Discovering print-making was a revelation to him. A way of creating art that felt physical and quite a challenge! He’s inspired by the graphic quality of printmaking, and the way you can say a lot with very little. His print: 'Six Donkeys (Same Dream)'

Chris Hood

THINGS ON FIRE is the creative studio of Chris Hood, specialising in graphic illustration and design, based up north in Leeds. Combining digital precision and analogue charm, Chris' work utilises the warm-feels of screen printing, subtle gritty textures, bold shapes and bolder typography. Check his prints: 'WAWAW' & 'Forged in Steel'

Sean Mort

Sean was born in the UK in 1982. His favourite film is The Empire Strikes Back and he spend a silly amount of my time in various Disney Parks. He lives in Leeds with his wife, son & dog. He thinks this tells you everything you need to know but if do you want to see anything that isn't print & design related, then it might be worth looking at his Instagram stories. Check his print 'My Other Half'

Jonathan Wilkinson

Hailing from Yorkshire and inspired by things much further afield, his tinted, monochromatic dreamscapes are the mainstay of a delicate and detailed approach that takes its roots from surrealist paintings and the art of 70s album sleeves. His print: 'Memory'

Sarah Abbott

Sarah Abbott is an independent artist & illustrator. She creates all of the work in her home studio and everything is made, printed and packaged in the North of the UK - in Sheffield. Check her print: 'House Plants'

Roseanna Hanson

Roseanna Hanson, inspired by the popularity of superhero movies, created a character called The Yorkshireman. who went viral across the internet and led to the creation of the Yorkshire Collective. Check her print: 'Yorkshireman' & 'Yorkshirelass'

Lisa Maltby

Lisa is an award winning illustrator, designer and lettering artist with over fifteen years’ experience of working for commercial clients worldwide. She specialises in illustrative lettering with a vintage feel, drawing on my combined passion for typography and illustration. Check her print: 'High Hopes'

Tom J Newell

Tom J Newell is an illustrator based in Sheffield, England. When he's not producing intricate hand-drawn illustrations for a plethora of illustrious outlets, you might find him spinning an impeccable selection of ancient rap records and bugged out psych beat down the local watering hole. Check his print: 'C'est La Vie'

Bobbi aka Bearcubs

A Yorkshire-based one-woman-show, designing and and making; aiming to bring joy to all ages. You'll usually find her drawing away in her studio, out painting a mural, or at one of the many independent art markets in and around Leeds. Check her print: 'Paint The Way'

Julia Whalley

From Cafeteria, opened in 2005, the culmination of a simple ambition of the founders to do it ourselves, making ideas work, with heart, dedication and skill, and to be nice, always. Several years down the line they’re a tight, sharp, versatile team of six. Check her print: 'Fishy'

Blueprint Bear

Blueprint Bear aims to create bright, colourful prints for the home. Each of his own designs are created digitally using the latest software and printed digitally. Check their print: 'Bowie Bear'

Hattie Clark

Hattie is an freelance illustrator based in Yorkshire. She loves to create character-driven pieces with a bold colour palette and lots of fun. Check her print: 'I'll Be Reet'

Laura Knight

Laura Knight Studio - pattern makers and designers of stationery, home wares and gifts. The aim is to prove that colour and pattern can be simple, contemporary and minimal. Laura draws inspiration from graphic contrasts in pattern, colour and raw materials. Her print: 'Park Play'

Si Scott

Si is a Yorkshire lad, brought up in an idyllic village surrounded by the beauty of the Yorkshire landscape. These surroundings, his love of nature combined with his love of music have been the inspirattion behind his distinctive style. Check his print: 'You'll be given love, you'll be taken care of'

Mike Lemanski

Mike Lemanski (b.1986) is a British multidisciplinary designer and illustrator working within the areas of print/publication, branding, illustration and graphic design from his studio in the UK. Check his print: 'Space / Time / Form / Nature'

Mick Marston

Mick is an illustrator, printmarker, educator at Leeds Beckett University and Art Director at the Dust Collective. In his own words "I'm available for commissions, let me draw you a picture". His print: 'Hill Climber'

Matthew The Horse

Matthew is an illustrator, print make and poet. He teaches Illustration at Leeds Arts University. Employing naive and expressive line work alongside bold, graphic forms and simple colour palettes, Matthew The Horse makes work that feels both familiar and unreal. Check his prints: 'Sun' & 'Rainbow'

Will Rea

Will Rea is a Sheffield based Illustrator originally from Leamington Spa. His work mainly consists of detailed linework and always begins with a sketchbook and pen to paper. After graduating from the BA Illustration course at Sheffield Hallam University in 2019 with a first-class honours degree, he decided to set up shop in the city and began working as a full-time freelancer on a vast rage of creative projects under the alias Willustration. Check his print: 'Barnard Castle Eye Test'

Running Ink - Tom Beaumont

Running Ink is the work of Sheffield based Illustrator Thomas Beaumont. His illustrations use flowing lines, stylised interpretations of landscape features and bold colours to capture the dynamic movement of running. Inspiration for his work comes from running in and around the Peak District come rain or shine. Check his print: 'Peaks Fell Runner'

Alexandra Snowdon

Alexandra Snowdon is an Edinburgh based hand lettering artist, illustrator and printmaker. She loves travelling, hiking and swimming in the sea. Most of her inspiration comes from spending time on the coastline and mountains near her home in Scotland. She believes in squeezing the pips out of life and her designs are made to make your home or work space a more inspiring and cheerful place to be. Her print 'Setbacks Into Comebacks'

Kid Acne

BORN – Lilongwe, Malawi 1978
LIVES & WORKS – Sheffield, England
Kid Acne is a UK-based artist, illustrator, print-maker and emcee.

His formative years were spent writing graffiti, self-publishing fanzines and making experimental hip-hop – invariably designing and printing the record sleeves by hand. The culmination of these interests informed the development of his own unique aesthetic, first documented in the seminal counter-culture tome, Scrawl (Booth-Clibborn Editions, 1999).

A stalwart of the international Street Art movement, Kid Acne has painted large-scale murals across continents and exhibited extensively over the past two decades. His art explores a variety of themes, from colloquialisms and typography, to mythology and architecture.

Rendered in a distinct, illustrative style, Kid Acne’s work can be seen throughout the globe; from wheat-pastes in North America to museum walls in Western Australia. His images have adorned products for some of the world’s leading brands, while the man himself continues to paint epic slogans in the back–streets of South Yorkshire.

And he still has acne.

His print 'Stick To The Plan'

Karoline Rerrie

Karoline is an illustrator and printmaker based in Birmingham. Her work is characterised by bold outlines, bright colours and pattern so it is ideal for screen printing. She draws black and white artwork by hand and then screen prints it in small limited editions. As well as printmaking she is inspired by folk art, craft and traditional costumes from around the world.

Karoline regularly exhibits her work in galleries and at print fairs throughout the UK. Alongside creating her own prints Karoline works on commissions and licensing projects. She also enjoys teaching screen printing and runs workshops for children, young people and adults.

Check her print: 'Lucky'

Studio Lookout

Studio Lookout, based in the Netherlands, is a creative studio for graphic design, branding and illustration. Founded in 2018 by Dutch designers Joël Kouthoofd and Luuk van Loon, their work is fun and characterized by bold colors, powerful graphics and meaningful messages. Check their print: ‘Wondering’

Reyt Good Illustrations

Reyt Good illustration was born from all my loves: illustration, music, travel and, of course, my home and biggest love – Sheffield. I want my work to weave together communities, architecture and shared passions; I’m proud of my roots as a Sheffield native and try to thread as much local pride as possible through my work. Check their print: 'Overcome' & 'Electric Dreams'

Luke Horton

Born in the initial lockdown with no intention to sell, Luke's 'time filler' has evolved speedily into a brand that he can proudly say has become increasingly popular across Yorkshire. 

Luke is a huge believer in surrounding yourself with things that make you smile and feel proud and bases his designs on these fundamental values. 

Luke hopes that his work brings joy, laughter, smiles, conversations and a rounded good feeling to your homes! Check his design 'Bee Reyt'

Emma Stevenson

In Emma own words: "I’m an expressive, character led illustrator, inspired by an issue I’m passionate about, research I’ve carried out, or a character I’ve conjured up in my head. In my work, I enjoy experimenting with a wide range of materials, vibrant colours and distinct line-work. I find my influences from cartoons and animations, folklore, Japanese culture, social issues and lived experiences." Check her print: Save Our Oceans


Dan Waters goes by the pseudonym Borg and is a pen and ink artist from Sheffield, producing mostly black and white work. He’s been working with dip pen, Indian ink and fine-liners for the past few years after deciding to focus on visual art, having come from a background in music as a singer/songwriter.

Check his print 'Nightflowers'

Oli Frape

Oli Frape is a lettering artist based in Sheffield, UK. He produces hand-made letterforms that are playful, conversational and always drawn by hand.  His commercial work has been used by editorial, publishing, advertising and branding clients both in the UK, Europe and USA alongside his ongoing artistic practice making paintings, prints and murals. Check his print 'People Need People'

Suzi Kemp

Suzi is a Sheffield - based illustrator who creates bold illustrations and hand drawn typography full of character. Suzi’s honest work is influenced by language and wordplay, the mysteries of nature, self-compassion and a vibrant colour palette. Check her print 'Eat Your Greens'

Drew Millward

Drew Millward was born in 1981 in Coventry; he grew up in Bolton, studied and lived in Leeds for many years and now lives in a quarry in the Aire Valley, with his wife and son. He has been drawing pictures since around 2004.

Drew likes to draw ‘the old fashioned way’, using pencils, pens and a love of the craft of illustration, but is incresingly reliant on digital methods to create his work. You have to move with the times. While his subject matter can vary dramatically, he hopes that the attention to detail and the love of drawing is apparent throughout his work.  Check his print 'Yorkshire Bull'

Rob Lee

Rob Lee is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily on large scale, site-specific, geometric art.

In both private and commercial commissions, his work uses pattern, repetition and abstraction to explore the concepts of perceived reality and illusion, and the complex relationship between technology and nature.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” 
Leonardo Da Vinc

Check his print 'K9'

Emily Kilham-Heeks

Emily Kilham-Heeks is a textile print designer, who loves to experiment with process, scale, colour and composition through collage, to create expressive visuals for quirky outcomes. Her designs are mindfully considered, often influenced by biophilic principles, and the organic textures and forms found within nature. Emily’s practice utilises both hand and digital processes; creating visuals through gestural drawings, mono-printing, and experimentation of various media, digitally manipulated to create playful designs and textured screen prints.

Georgia Rose

Georgia Rose is an Illustrator currently based in the East Midlands. She started her artistic journey as an illustrator in 2016 with her art foundation year at college capturing fun, joy, colour and texture within her images. After her foundation she attended Leeds Arts University 2017-2020 discovering a love of print and design! Graduating with a First Class honours degree. Her main work focuses on animals having an obsession with the natural world since she was a kid, loving anything that sqaurked, walked, crawled, flies and swims!She loves their diverse appearances and this illustration focuses on her favourites dogs! She has her own labrador named Beau, who is a constant inspiration. She hopes to work more on a freelance basis to achieve her dreams of working as a children's book illustrator and designer. Instagram : @georgiaroseillustration