About Growing Rooms

St George’s Crypt are a charity located in the centre of Leeds who have been providing practical and pastoral support to people experiencing homelessness since 1930.

One of St George’s Crypt’s project is called Growing Rooms, which is a therapeutic recovery programme for men and women with drug and alcohol addictions. Their mission is to help people become free of all mind and mood altering substances, including prescribed medication and alcohol.

This support is provided through a combination of therapeutic group work and voluntary practical work in the community. One of the projects being championed by the participants of Growing Rooms is Printed by Us. Collaborating, working with and learning from Printed By us HQ in Sheffield team, they hope to provide training, volunteering opportunities, employability development and hopefully jobs.

The wonderful Leeds Print Workshop is where our Printed by Us Leeds screen printing workshops take place. It’s a light and positive workspace at the heart of the city where our participants can come along to learn some new skills, grow confidence and print some awesome artwork designed by local artists.

The great city of Leeds is behind the project. There is a thriving artistic community ready and willing to support the work we are doing with innovative prints and designs, businesses and institutions who understand the work we do, are willing to back and inspire locally relevant designs and understand that this is more than a hand out, it’s a hand up.