James, our Operations Manager, has been part of Printed By us since its inception, participating in our very first workshop and then volunteering. He then starting paid supported work before being promoted to his current role in 2017. In July 2019 he won the Business Personality of the Year Award at the Sheffield Star Small Business Awards. James also manages Archer Projects Peer Mentor programme


Amy, our Brand Strategist, joined our team in early 2018, initially as a Printer and Event Coordinator, before changing focus to develop and implement our digital marketing strategy. Amy is responsible for ensuring a consistent and effective brand message, developing new designs and products and building relationships with our existing and potential creatives


Emily has been part of the team as our Retail Manager & Digital Marketing co-ordinator since 2021. Like us she is passionate about being as sustainable as possible and the positive change screen-printing can bring. With a degree in textile design she has been instrumental in the development of our own workshop. Emily designed our popular screen-print "Daffs" and co-curated our Mini Creator kids range.


Terry directs our enterprise as part of his role leading ‘Archer Project Enterprises’, of which we are part. His official title is “Head of Social Enterprise” at our parent charity, the Cathedral Archer Project and he sits on the organisations executive committee. Archer Project Enterprises is the trading subsidiary of the charity.


Chris, our Event Coordinator and Printer, joined our team in early 2018 after participating in a number of workshops at volunteering at our regular events. Chris is also part of our post team, fulfilling online customer orders each week, working in a supported environment.


Josh, the newest member to our team, combines working as part of our printing team with volunteering in our screen printing workshops and pop up events. He’s also part of the cleaning service deliver team which also forms part of the Just Works programme of which we are part. Through the programme he is allocated a projector mentor and has access to holistic programme of wellbeing support.


Andrea has been part of our team for almost 6 years, regularly participating in our printing workshops and printing products for custom print jobs and our own collections. She splits her paid supported work between Printed By us and the cleaning arm of Archer Project Enterprises Just Clean


Daniela was our Social Franchise Sales and Marketing Manager. She played a key role in exploring opportunities for us to build our franchise throughout the UK, as well as developing our own marketing and operational capacity to do so sustainably. She initially joined our team as an intern in the summer of 2018 as part of her Masters degree in Entrepreneurship, for which Printed By us was part of the focus for her dissertation.


Kamran, a regular part of our event coordination team, has been a key part of our sales and screen printing team for almost 3 years, and is a regular face at our pop up events around the city. For some time he has also volunteered his time in the Archer Project (our parent charity) kitchen and splits his paid works between Printed By us and Blend Kitchen where he is developing his catering skills. All of his work is delivered in a supported environment.


Mark, our founder, conceived the idea for Printed By us whilst working at Yoomee, and brought the concept to the Cathedral Archer Project where it has been developed over the last 3 years. Mark played a key role in our development over our first 2 and a half years. Mark recently left his role to focus exclusively on his ethical clothing label The Level Collective.


Tony, our logistics coordinator, is the man who gets us to where we need to be on time, driving the Cathedral Archer Project minibus & working with Chris to coordinate the events where we sell our products. He is also a regular participant in our screen printing workshops and is our go to person for mug printing. He also manages the Cathedral Archer Project food and clothing stores in a voluntary capacity.


One of our creative consultants and long term collaborator, has been part of Printed By us since the start, collaborating with Mark to develop the idea, designing a number of our best-selling collections and supporting us through our journey with creative input.


Anna works as a printer, as well as fulfilling our online orders each week. She has been engaging with the Women’s Empowerment Project since the start of 2020. Anna hopes to use her experience with us to develop her own creative brand in the future.


Joined our team as a creative consultant in late 2019, to provide additional creative input for us as we look to develop our capacity. She also co-designed a couple of our most popular collections.


John works as a printer and is part of our fulfilment programe from the Archer Project. He has been engaging in the project for a couple of years and since helps us run our project on a weekly basis.


Danielle recently joined our team after volunteering for a couple of years. She now works as a member of our retail team in Meadowhall and also as a screen-printer.