We hand print artwork, clothing & homeware

We run workshops to teach the vulnerable people we employ the craft of hand screen printing. We print small batches of our products designed by some the finest independent creatives. Each print is hand signed by the artist & the screen printer.

We sell what we have made

We sell our exclusive art prints, garments & mugs via our online store and at our shop in Orchard Square, Sheffield City Centre. This provides further work opportunities for our supported staff, learning skills in retail and customer service. We also supply our stock wholesale to a selection of independent businesses.

We reinvest 100% of our profits

Because we are a social enterprise, all of our surplus goes back into running our screen printing workshops, developing our project and supporting vulnerable adults into further employment. Every single purchase made helps another vulnerable person lead a more fulfilling life.

How we started

Printed by Us started life at Yoomee, a Digital Agency that was based in Sheffield, where they used technology for social good. Yoomee helped charities and nonprofits use digital innovation to build new online services that spread the word and create new leads in order to raise money for social causes.

Life at Yoomee involved 'Investment Time' which encouraged team members to work on their own ideas and internal projects for social good. Printed by Us is one of the Investment Time ideas that became a reality in partnership with the Archer Project, thanks to Yoomee.

Mark, the founder of Yoomee, worked with Terry from the Archer Project for 3 years to develop the brand. The range extended from art prints into garments and mugs too, then we launched our custom printing service, and now we run screen printing workshops for the public! This growth means we are constantly able to offer more paid work opportunities to the individuals we work with each year, and continue on our mission to help vulnerable adults.

Mark left the organisation a few years ago and the current team, led by Terry, James, Sian, Emily, Amy & Evie, have successfully grown the brand through challenging times. We have won national awards, and even culminated in the launch of our own shop in Orchard Square, where you can still find us today!

You can read more about the Printed by Us story so far on our blog.

Printed by Us is a Social Enterprise established under The Archer Project, who have a board of trustees that regularly review the project's progress and growth.

Why we do what we do

Homelessness is a complex issue and everybody's story is different. We believe there is hope and a way forward for everyone. At Printed by Us, we think creativity, enterprise, and the people in a local community, all have a part to play.

We want to give opportunities to vulnerable people to learn new skills, build confidence, and move forward towards more fulfilling and lives.

Printed by Us continues to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing for those involved, and is directed and run by people who have overcome similar challenging circumstances themselves.

Printed by Us Leeds

We are now proud to be running Printed by Us Leeds in collaboration with the amazing St George's Crypt and Leeds Print Workshop.

The great city of Leeds is behind this branch of the project. There is a thriving artistic community ready and willing to support us with innovative prints and designs, as well as businesses and institutions who appreciate what we do, and are willing to back and inspire this social enterprise. They understand that this is more than a hand out, it’s a hand up.

The wonderful Leeds Print Workshop is a light, positive workspace at the heart of the city where participants can come to learn new skills, grow confidence and print awesome artwork designed by independent artists.

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