We love to collaborate and engage with people in our local community, so if you want to get involved or have any cool ideas, we want to hear them so get in touch.

How can I support Printed By us?

Share the love – the simple act of sharing what we do and reposting our content on social media is always an awesome help – take a look in the footer for all of our social media channels.

Buy our stuff – yes indeed, the reality is that to keep this project going we need to make some money through selling the beautiful artwork, mugs and clothing through our online Shop.

Get us to print your clothing & merchandise – we offer custom garment printing on high quality, ethically made and organic clothing and we're always looking to partner with new local businesses, charities, educational organisations...and basically anyone who needs high quality custom printing of clothing, tote bags and mugs. 

Are you an artist?

We're always looking for awesome new designs to print in our regular screen printing workshops and to grow our collection of hand screen printed artwork and clothing.

Please get in touch to request an Artist's brief

Set up a franchise.

We know that the Printed By us model works. Take vulnerable people, offer creative opportunities and employment opportunities, give responsibility in a supportive environment. Watch them thrive.

We are already in the process of launching Printed By us in Leeds in partnership with St George's Crypt and we'd love see Printed By us happen across the UK and beyond.

We've learn A LOT about making this project work, and we're here to support you every step of the journey.

We need 3 key roles in each location to make Printed By us happen

1. A socially-focussed organisation
2. A screen printing tutor
3. Someone / some company to help to reach local artists and to promote the project to the local community.

So if you're any one of the above then please get in touch to arrange a meeting to explore the possibility of making Printed By us happen in your locality!