'OFFEND' T-shirt - BUBBA2000

Product details

– Made from 100% Organic Cotton
– Style: Regular 
– Colour: White or Light Charcoal
– Designed by BUBBA2000

About the artist 

So, what’s all this OFFEND business about? We figured we would let BUBBA explain all...

"For more years than I care to remember I’ve had a little passion project on the boil called OFFEND, the name itself comes from the compilation prank call cassettes I did WAY back in the day (Tend To Offend) this would be a way that I could muck about with graphics, imagery and text that was far removed from the stuff I do under the “BUBBA2000” name.

I’ve always found that a lot of artists get stuck in a creative rut doing the same old thing, this would be a happy place for me (and hopefully eventually others) to produce some fun prints and, with that clothing."

So, if the BUBBA2000 stuff I’ve done has never been to your liking then, fingers crossed hopefully OFFEND will be more so something you want to stick on your wall or wear! 😊"

Why Printed by Us

We are Printed by Us – an Archer Project Initiative

We employ people who have overcome homelessness and other adversities.

We run screenprinting workshops, teaching new skills, as the people we work with move towards more fulfilling lives.

We collaborate with some of Sheffield’s finest artists to create unique designs.

We print artwork and garments

We sell what we produce.

We reinvest the profit.

We run more workshops.

We support more people.

Size guide 

Hand printed

Ethically made

Eco friendly

Support our cause

Printing Positive Change

This T-shirt was hand printed by a vulnerable adult in recovery from homelessness and other complex circumstances. They received the “Real Living Wage” for their efforts and every penny from this shirt goes back into growing Printed by Us.

Organic cotton

This item is made from organic cotton grown on a GOTS certified organic cotton farm in India. Organic cotton is grown without use of harmful chemicals and pesticides and uses less water – kinder to people and planet.


This T-shirt was handmade in a factory powered by green renewable energy in India which has been approved by the Fair Wear Foundation - a non-profit who assess fair and proper working conditions wages and employment terms.

Recycled materials

We salvage the cuttings from organic cotton textile production, shred them and turn them back into soft cotton fibres. We add fibres made from locally recycled plastic bottles to obtain the cotton and polyester blend. We spin the blended fibres into fine yarn to make fabrics.