On World Relaxation Day we'd like to know, what do you do to relax?

Maybe you grab your running gear, reach for a book perhaps, flick on the telly?

Do you meditate or practice mindfulness?

Whatever you do and however you do it is fine.

At Printed by Us we are encouraged and enabled to try our hands at a variety of different hobbies and pursuits, cementing our own sense of fulfilment alongside our work-life balance.

For many of us partner participants our past lives and lived experiences may have left a legacy of anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders or other serious and challenging conditions.

Our sense of peace and "living in the now" may have also suffered as a result.

It certainly has from my own lived experiences.

I have never been good with my hands so much. I didn't know how I would take to screen printing, as honestly, it looked very elaborate.

Screen printing is a vital skill to Printed by Us, our lifeblood and one of our main sources of income.

Not as hard as it looks, it however endeavours the user to engage with the process. One’s mind must be present and focused on the task at hand.

Correct centering, card placement, smooth transitions, watchful for burrs and bleeds.

Hours can whizz by in this busy, mindful state, leaving behind dozens of high quality, stunning artworks that will be signed by the printer and displayed for sale.

The sense of personal fulfilment is palpable, the mind is calmer, printing positive change is our motto.

It isn't a sound bite.