Well after the success of our first printing workshop, we were raring to get printing 3 new designs to print from three other super talented local artists. James and Hugo had gained a lot of confidence from the first workshop and Cameron and Robbie were two new keen learners.

House Plants

First up was a three colour print 'House Plants' from Sarah Abbott. This was a real challenge because aligning 3 separate colours is tough enough for a seasoned professional screen printer, let alone people who are new to the game.

"We certainly had our challenges and it required a lot of persevere, but we got there in the end and created a beautiful print. . In the past I've come up against challenges and just given up at the first hurdle, but this has shown me that everyone has challenges and it's good experienced trying to think of creative ways to solve a problem because life never goes smoothly " said James, one of our printing team.

Park Play

Next up was the vector shape design from the brilliant Laura Knight, inspired by the simple bold shapes of the playground of the original Park Hill flats, found in photographers taken by her father back in the day.


Last, but by no means least, we printed this fun 1 colour design from the uber talented Mr Ian Anderson of Designers Republic.