As it stands there is no one, single definition of an “ethical business”. But there are some principles which can be considered key for a business to be considered ethical. Most importantly, the impact of the business on other people and the environment should be considered.

This should include any products or services that are provided, considering the origins of materials as well as the finished product. Simply put, an ethical business should seek to reduce the negative effects of its operation as much as possible.

Here at Just Works and Printed by Us, rather than just minimising negative effects we actively try to have a positive impact.

We support people overcoming challenges and complex issues into employment. We also help our partner participants to manage their well-being offering a range of well-being activities and access to counselling.

All Just Works/ Printed by Us employees are paid the real living wage. When we act as an ethical agency, for example in arranging cleaning contracts, all our partner participants have the option to be paid the living wage for any work that they do.

We are conscious of our responsibilities towards the environment too. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible and use water-based eco inks to print onto sustainable and recycled paper and card for our art prints. We dispatch products in cardboard or paper packaging avoiding plastic wherever possible.

The clothing and tote bags we print onto are 100% organic cotton, climate neutral and Fair Wear Foundation certified. This means that child labour wasn’t used in their production and that workers had fair and safe working conditions, reasonable working hours and were paid the living wage.

We are constantly on the lookout for ways in which we can improve and continue to make ethical practices and sustainability central to our business model.

So, whilst there is no single definition of an ethical business, we certainly aim to be one!