'Veg Life' Mug - Helen Drake

Product details 

– Ceramic Mugs (Height: 90mm, Outside Diameter: 80mm)

- Dark Green Two-Tone handle and inside

About the artist

This is a hand-drawn original diplodocus illustration. Designed by the wonderful Helen Drake of Wandering Beasts.

Why Printed by Us

We are Printed by Us – an Archer Project Initiative

We employ people who have overcome homelessness and other adversities.

We run screenprinting workshops, teaching new skills, as the people we work with move towards more fulfilling lives.

We collaborate with some of Sheffield’s finest artists to create unique designs.

We print artwork and garments

We sell what we produce.

We reinvest the profit.

We run more workshops.

We support more people.

Printing Positive Change

This product was hand printed by a vulnerable adult in recovery from homelessness and other complex circumstances. They received the “Real Living Wage” for their efforts and every penny from this shirt goes back into growing Printed by Us.