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Hey, I am a key worker for Cathedral Archer Project...

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man holiding sign.jpg




After securing my own property following seven years of homelessness I was looking for artwork to make my empty flat feel more homely.

When I heard what Mark was hoping to do with Printed By Us I jumped at the chance to be part of it. The process of screen printing was something I had no prior knowledge of but was eager to learn.

The workshop turned out to be a fantastic experience.  I initially thought I would struggle but my confidence grew as I began to understand  everything involved through practise. With Mark’s encouragement and David’s  relaxed approach to teaching his craft, the three of us were really pulling together and producing some great prints.

Being part of this has really helped my confidence and people skills, as well as giving me some vital experience of what is entailed in running a new business. Processing and packing  orders for some of our personalised prints has given me great satisfaction. This is definitely something I would love to continue being part of in the future.