About Archer Project Enterprises

Archer Project Enterprises aims to support vulnerable people into employment through a range of supported employment initiatives they've developed, of which Printed by Us is part.

They work in partnership with the Archer Project's fulfilment programme who support people as they overcome obstacles in their lives using a combination of education, training and health & wellbeing tailored around individual needs. The programme involves a graduated exposure to work through engagement with supported employment opportunities, primarily through Archer Project Enterprises. The Archer Project fulfilment programme is for people who are making some positive steps towards their own recovery and who want to build towards more stable and fulfilling lives.

Both Archer Project Enterprises and the Fulfilment Programme are Archer Project initiatives. The Cathedral Archer project has been working with homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield for over 30 years now and provides crisis support and hot meals to 30 - 50 people every day.

Printed by Us is for people who are part of the fulfilment programme or who use the Archer Project services. It's for people who want to learn new skills and gain work experience in a variety of roles including; screen printing, business administration, marketing, order-fulfilment and customer service.

Printed by Us is part of Fulfillment programme of the homeless charity the Archer Project

In September 2019 it was agreed that they will be working with APG works.

Our hope is that for the people involved; Printed by Us is a great step towards building confidence and moving forward towards fulfilled lives, once aspect of which being long-term employment with other Sheffield businesses.