A couple of weeks ago we were the target of a malicious cyber-attack which temporarily affected the functionality of our social media and website. 

To start we'd like to reassure our customers that no financial data has been compromised. In terms of card payments, no card information goes through our site. Card details get sent straight to the payment processor (Stripe or PayPal)

Unfortunately, our Instagram account was deleted and the tweets were deleted from our Twitter account. 

The police have been notified and are investigating the hack. 

As you can imagine the impact on the morale of our team has been significant. It has taken us 3 years to build up our social media following and craft the content on the different platforms. 

Our operations, marketing and sales team have all developed through the project and, having made massive leaps forward from a history of significant vulnerability and trauma, we were keen to make sure this malicious attack would not have too negative an impact on their wellbeing and morale.

#HopeOverHack – We need your help to spread the word!


We have been developing ideas for how to recover from the hack and today we've launched our #HopeOverHack campaign.

We need as many people to share our #HopeOverHack post on any of the platform you use to encourage as many people to show solidarity and celebrate the power of hope over hack. Our post can be accessed through the following links: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

The hope is that we get significant traction with the campaign to repair the damage done so there's no lasting negative impact. It is an injustice that one malicious individual can potentially cause so much damage to the hard work of an ethical organisation like ourselves. We believe the power of hope will overcome as our supporters show support for our campaign and spread the message.

We also want to use the campaign to highlight how vulnerable enterprises (and individuals) with an online presence can be to cyber-hacks. We want to also highlight how hard it is to get support from the social media companies (Twitter & Instagram) in the event of a hack. We have been unable to speak directly to anyone from either company. It feels like multinational companies are increasingly prioritising profit over customer service as they strip customer support to the bone